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Our jewellery is hand-crafted with excellent precision and the highest-quality finish that is achievable. This is produced from the years of knowledge our craftsmen & craftswomen possess, being situated in Surat, India which is aptly named ‘The diamond city’ due to its bustling and booming diamond jewellery trade. 


Our clients’ jewellery is rigorously quality controlled, to ensure the diamond is set securely and the ring can endure daily stresses. This is great as it ensures you receive a flawless diamond ring every time and on top of this, we will cover you for 5-years, should specified damages come to your engagement ring.


If you are choosing a bespoke design, you are given the options of 3 different metal finishes, a choice that is rarely offered from jewellers but can give your jewellery a very unique touch that makes it stand out from regular diamond jewellery.

A polished metal finish is the standard glossy texture that is featured on the majority of jewellery pieces, a classic and traditional look that can shines bright.


polished metal

A brushed metal finish gives a matte texture to the metal, with a streaky from the brush. Brushed metal is rarely used in fine jewellery but it gives a very modern tone.


brushed metal

A frosted metal finish is almost never seen in fine jewellery, it gives a sparkly and textured finish to the metal that almost makes it look like diamonds.


frosted metal

Handmade & Bespoke

All of our diamond jewellery is hand crafted and designed bespoke especially for you, we do not buy cheap presets and put a diamond inside it like some jewellers do. The level of experience that our team have is unmatched, from growing up in the business, they have lived and breathed this craft for almost their whole life.

We never compromise on the quality and practicality of your ring, each and every diamond is set with precision and security to make sure that you diamond will be safe from falling out. With every design being 3D printed and then casted, there is never any irregularities in the final design. The jewellery is taken through a lot of quality assurance to make sure it is up to our standard, if it is not, the whole process will start again.

hand crafting diamond jewellery

Precious Metals

There are various choices for what precious metal you can have your jewellery made from if you are choosing a bespoke design, below we have showcased the 4 main options that we offer. However, more metals are available on request, these are just the most popular metals that are used in fine jewellery.

A combination of nickel, zinc and gold, white gold gives a bright and white  appearance. All of our white gold is rhodium plated to give the best shine.


white gold

Made from gold, copper and silver, rose gold gives a unique burnt orange glow that is rapidly becoming the modern choice of metal.


rose gold

A combination of gold, zinc and copper, yellow gold gives a natural golden shine. A more traditional choice that is falling out of its old popularity.


yellow gold

Both naturally white metals, platinum and rhodium are a more expensive option but give the whitest shine of all the precious metal choices.


platinum & rhodium

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