Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds are a more sustainable and cost effective alternative to mined diamonds, with not a single physical, visual, optical and structural difference. Because of the large value that these diamonds provide to today's market, they are growing very fast in popularity and now seek to replace mined diamonds.


Lab Grown vs Mined

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to their mined counterparts with the exception of their origin and the total supply in the world. Many people are starting to wonder why they would support the industry that has taken more than it has ever given; both from the Earth and from the People.


There are no optical, physical or chemical differences when it comes to lab-grown diamonds, they have the identical crystalline-carbon structure to that of mined diamonds, making them the perfect sustainable alternative. Lab-grown diamonds carry much more beauty for a lower price this is mainly due to the reduced supply chain, cutting out the dreaded De beers diamond markup, this allows for you to receive a diamond that is far superior than any comparable natural diamond.

asscher lab grown diamonds

Lab Grown not Simulated

A ‘Simulated diamond’ is a term referring to a gemstone made from a material that exhibits visual similarities to that of a natural diamond but, minimal chemical similarities as they are not real diamonds nor made up of pure carbon. Simulated Diamonds consist of stones such as cubic zirconia, moissanite and white sapphires, these stones are made of other materials and structured in a totally different way. Lab Grown Diamonds are not simulated or fake, they are just as much of a diamond as a diamond is a diamond.

simulated diamonds vs lab grown diamond

The CVD Process

Similar to rain growing plants, Chemical Vapour Deposition forms clouds of carbon that rain to grow diamonds. CVD is not the only way of growing diamonds, but it is the smallest carbon footprint and produces the best quality diamonds. The 4 steps below showcase the stages the carbon goes though to form a rough diamond that is then cut & polished, courtesy of ALTR create diamonds.

Thin sheets of diamond are prepared and carefully placed inside the chamber, these will act as the seed that will grow into a large diamond.


Hydrocarbon gas is released though a microwave, where the carbon precipitates down onto the seed and the hydrogen stays above.


Because of the intense heat and pressure, the carbon sticks to the seed and crystallises to form more diamond.


Once there is a rough diamond formed, it is taken through the cutting & polishing just like a mined diamond.


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