LayBuy Finance

With LayBuy finance, you can pay the total price of your order over 6 weekly instalments, with 0% interest. Most financing schemes will ask you to pay more than the total, but with LayBuy, there is no extra charge as we pay the interest for you. Allowing you to spread out your purchase and feel more comfortable when paying for your jewellery.

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Payment Methods

You are not limited to just 1 payment method, we give you these options as we believe that your preference is important and different methods will appeal to different preferences.

Apple Pay

Provided on every apple device, apple pay lets you instantly checkout without having to enter payment details, directly from a card stored in your Apple wallet. Apple Pay is specially designed to help protect your personal details and so it is a safe, fast and easy way to pay online.

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Credit or Debit

If  you want to keep it simple, just simply enter your credit or debit card details onto our online payment gateway and checkout instantly. Our Stripe payment gateway guarantees 100% protection of all your personal and payment information so you can feel secure about how you're details are handled.

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PayPal is available as a payment method, simply select PayPal at checkout and sign in into your account through the PayPal online gateway. PayPal also gives you full protection when paying, as it is done through their platform.

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