As an online jeweller, sustainability is our priority, we strive to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. Even in the way that we craft our diamonds and make our jewellery, our carbon footprint is very low, but there are other factors that we include to assist with our carbon neutral mission.

planet earth

Grown, not mined

Mining diamonds has a huge carbon footprint and that's without including the substantial travel and hand-passing that the rough diamond goes through before being on a ring. Mining includes the mass-removal of land and use of mega-machinery, these factors have a huge impact on the environment by destroying the bio-diversity in the surrounding land, not just the hole that is dug.

There are also a lot of ethical concerns with mining diamonds, if you have seen the movie Blood Diamond you will know of the un-ethical conditions where these diamonds are extracted. Child labour, unfair pay and dirty deals are all involved in today's diamond mining and is not slowing down anytime soon.

blood diamond mining

Sustainable Packaging

All of our outer packaging is made of kraft paper, a 100% biodegradable that can be thrown into your bin as it will degrade over time. The tape used to seal our boxes is also made from kraft paper, not plastic like normal packaging tape. The receipt provided inside of the packaging box, is made from a biodegradable seed-based material, meaning our outer packaging is made of sustainable materials. Our stunning display box that is provided with your diamond jewellery is not meant to be placed in the bin, we believe you will keep this forever just like your jewellery.

biodegradable box

Planting Trees

We work with Tree Nation to plant trees with every purchase that is made, planting trees is our way of giving back to nature and thanking it for the knowledge it has given us that allows us to replicate the natural process of growing diamonds.

Every tree counts towards lowering our carbon footprint, because trees naturally absorb the carbon dioxide in our air to form oxygen. This process is known as photosynthesis and is the key to a carbon neutral future.

Recycled Gold

The gold used to create your diamond jewellery is 100% recycled from waste products like chip boards and other products that would have otherwise been taken to a landfill. Although gold is one of the most recycled metals in the world, we still believe it is important to focus our efforts towards a fully sustainable supply of gold. We also believe that not enough gold is being recycled and so we are currently developing new techniques to acquire gold from waste products. 

recycled gold


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